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We specialise in Intensive driving courses in Hull and Yorkshire.
From learner to driver in just 4 to 6 weeks.


Trevor is an amazing instructor and I would definitely give him a 5* rating. Passed first time with 4 minors! Such a calming atmosphere as well, don’t think I would have passed without him


Enjoyed my time doing the crash courses, Trevor made me feel very relaxed and confident behind the wheel. Would highly recommend him to any young learner. Taught me everything I needed to know and more.


Passed first time with GoIntensive last week, had my first lessons Monday and passed on the Friday! Had a few instructors over the years but GoIntensive were by far the best, giving me the confidence to pass my test with ease. Could not recommend them enough and great value for money!


What We Do

At GoIntensive we specialise in customising intensive driving courses to suit each individual student. It’s all we do, all day, every day. There’s no hourly or weekly lessons here. Why? You simply just don’t learn enough quick enough.

However we’re not about cutting corners, we train all our students to drive to the highest standard as well as pass their test quickly (beginner to test pass in 4 to 6 weeks) This high standard is shown by our very high first time pass rate of 85% (average overall pass rate is higher) and an average pass mark of only 4 or 5 minor faults (well below the industry standard).

How do we achieve this?
Everyone comes to us with different levels of experience and abilities, so we take the time to make sure your course suits you. We train for four hours a day for as many days as you need. These four hour days will be the key to your success. They give you just the right amount of time to learn as much as you can within that day. Then after a good nights rest you’re straight back in the drivers seat again for another day. This minimises down time recapping previous lessons and recovering topics that you may have forgotten, which dramatically increases the all important value for money. These four hour days are probably the equivalent to 6 or 7 hours done on a weekly basis and trust me they absolutely fly by.

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