Everyone comes to us with different levels of experience and abilities so we take the time to make sure your course suits you. We train for four hours a day for as many days as you need. These four hour days will be the key to your success.

They give you just the right amount of time to learn as much as you can within that day. Then after a good nights rest you’re straight back in the drivers seat again for another day. This minimises down time recapping previous lessons and recovering topics that you may have forgotten which dramatically increases the all important value for money. These four hour days are probably the equivalent to 6 or 7 hours done on a weekly basis and trust me, they absolutely fly by.

If you have less than 15 to 20 hours experience

We usually start you off with a 5 day course, Monday through to Friday. This starter course will get you well on your way to driving to a good standard. We can give you unlimited access to our online theory training program and book you a theory test towards end of this course. The private online theory study you will have done leading up to your course, coupled with the actual driving experience will put you in a really good position to pass your theory first time. If you are struggling with your theory at this point, our instructors can help during your course.

After you have passed your theory we can then book you a practical test and customise the final part of the training to you. Your driving ability at the end of first week will define how much additional training you will need. Some students need just another 1 or 2 days training before the test, some need a few more. However much training you need will be done on the days leading up to your test.

If you have over 20 hours experience

• This could be if you have driven with another instructor but got bored of driving around doing the same old stuff and not actually getting any where
• or maybe failed a couple of tests with another instructor and just want to get it done and passed
• or you may have been driving around illegally (shhh we wont tell anyone) and know its now time to get it sorted properly.

We offer a 2 hour assessment so we can better determine how many days training you need. This maybe a full week or you might just need a day or two leading up to your test. We can book and manage your theory test for you,. If you have already passed your theory, we can book you your practical test right away once we have completed your assessment.

If you can already sort of drive then you’re nearly there so we will make sure you only book the amount of training you actually need and no more.

It’s really as easy as that. Everyone who has passed with us has passed using this format and it really does work. If you don’t believe us have a look on our face book page or if you have any questions call Sam on 01482 828464 or 07716590840 I’m here to help.